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Friday, June 23, 2006

Wow I am excited about this whole spell check thing... for sure needed for a person like me who can't spell for my life. Now I just need a super-cala-fragalistic grammar checker to tell me when my thoughts run on and my sentences that are paragraphs aren't appropriate. I can't help it I type in a stream of consciousness.

I haven't exactly figured out who the audience for this sucker is going to be yet but i guess that will help to decide what i type and what don't :P and wow it's kind of like you know you've been posting on forums too long when you can't function without emoticons!

Anyway... this is the start... lots going on at the moment but for now I'm looking forward to a GREAT weekend at Mid Ohio and that is pretty much the ONLY focus... I'll worry about getting my homework done for class on Monday night on monday during the work day :p


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